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Dominant black man shows his horny white bitch who is in charge

NVB sent us this hot interracial showcase: A 20 minute clip where a fit black guy with a big dick uses a white MILF exactly how he feels like doing. It starts with some deep blowjob action and they move to the bed where she gets fucked real hard. She even calls him nigger several times and he punishes her by slapping her face and pounding her even harder.

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Dominant guy slaps her face while choking her on his dick and fucking her

The white bitch is preoccupied for the first two minutes but she pays for that when she starts playing with the guy’s huge chocolate dick. It’s impossible to deep throat but he pushes her head down on the dick anyway and slaps her face when she has to stop because of choking hazard. And then he fucks her till she screams, pulls her hair and ignores that it hurts…

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Wise white husband pays a big black guy to fuck his sexy wife

There are clearly sexual reasons behind white men’s inate fear of black men but knowing and admitting to your shortcomings is the first step towards doing something to make up for it. In this Cuckold Land homemovie the strapped down white lady gets pounded for real by a black man’s big dick. Another brotha does the filming which allows us to even get a glimpse of hubby jacking off while watching the black man do his thing. Black guys just do it better!

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