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Black dicks belong down a white girl’s throat or deep in her pussy

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Time for some more BBC worshiping caught on a cell phone camera. Mostly head game action but the clip ends with some doggy style fucking and the brotha nuts inside her. No phone calls can take her attention away from that black dick before she got her creampie. Guess she won’t be wanting any of those pathetic small penis white dudes from now on!

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  1. Dave
    September 2nd, 2011 at 00:40 | #1

    I know, for me, it has become too powerful to resist, any longer. I need to find some BBC, SOON!!!! It’s been too long since I had a Black Man cum in my mouth.
    I’m totally addicted to white babes fucking big black cocks. It’s the only type of male on any type of female porn that gets me excited. It’s the only kind of porn I will buy. I have tried to stop this addiction, but I can’t it’s just to hot. I just find women that prefer black cock so fucking sexy. I try to fight the feeling, but I love this stuff!

    Blacks own my soul. I love watching huge black cocks stretch open white pussy, whether its a just turned 18 white pussy or a grandmothers. I also am very fond of black pussy (and oh god yes black ASS) but I don’t feel that I am worthy of ever touching it because I am a pathetically endowed wimpy white sissy.

    It’s been going on for me for years. Actually started when i was in my late 20’s and has gradually increased so much that i am now a white sissy who has taken Blacks cocks on my mouth boi pussy and have jerked them off. I have tried to stop so many times but i always come back to wanting to adore Black cocks. The interracial sex porn only increases this desire in me also…to the point that i dream about my wife taking Blacks cocks and my (legal age) blonde stepdaughter. i can’t seem to get enough looking at big Black cocks fucking white pussies…and to be honest here the idea of an older Black man fucking a 18 to 25 year old white slim petite girl drives me crazy. i always want her to hold my head and have me to clean her up sucking and licking out the Black mans seed juices. He stands by laughing at the site of me doing it. i realize i am no longer, and haven’t been for a long time, a real man. i havent had sex with my wife for well over 8 years now. i feel so sissy and femme inside. i do not get hard anymore and when i do orgasm i only ooze and leak out..stil l staying soft and limp. i’ve been told by several Black men that i actually orgasm very much like a real girl..emotionally, physically showing, and verbally. Addicted to Black cocks is far from expressing fully how i feel. there are many times i even feel weak just walking by or seeing a Black man looking at me. i honestly think they know i am weak and i am a sissy.

    “Game Over” for me too. It just creeps up on you, you want to watch more IR porn, seek out the monster cocks, notice after a while that that is the only porn you use. Slowly realise that it has taken hold, you are lost – no way back! I am a nigger worshiping whiteboi wanker – all that needs to be said now. I’m here because my boicock makes me use this site! I don’t have a choice – the delicious humiliation that I feel as a whiteboi acknowledging the superiority of Black cock is like a drug. I am embarrassed and ashamed often times – but seeing a cute white woman with a Black stud just makes me so hard!

    ya i’m probably watching this more than a white guy should and im only 18 so by the time i am 25 im sure i will be completly addicted to it and most likely will turn gay for black men only.

    Jesus, if I’d been exposed to all the Black Monster Cock porn that’s now on the internet when I was a teenager I know it would have seriously fucked my head up. As I think you’re finding out, the sheer size of the Biggest Black Cocks is more than many white guys, gay or straight can handle. If you’re already addicted to watching BBC porn and posting on sites like this by 18 then I seriously doubt you’ll make it to 21 before Horse Hung Black Guys start taking rides on you.

    nothing is more beatiful than a young white girl sucking and fucking a nice big fat black cock. I can’t get enough of it. Barely legal little white girls are the best, so young and dainty. I’ve even gone so far as to become one myself. I get completely transformed nails and all just so i can have the pleasure of sucking off some mean black meat.

    Ok I know I am addicted to IR porn now. Here I am again watching IR again. Wife went out of town Friday and all I have done was set here and watch IR porn. Big black cocks fucking sexy white woman. Even cuckolds sucking big black cock. All sorts of IR porn. I have J/O some many times I know I will not be able to perform for the wife tonight. I’ll have to figure out a way to get out of sex if she wants it tonight…. This is not sad.
    That Black cock is way hotter than that girl! i can’t help it just something about a BBC that make me want to kneel. Just watching IR porn has made me want to be a sissie for it.

    I had the accidental pleasure of being with a black man several months ago–after being consumed by black porn–and now I crave and worship black cock and wish to be in service to black only and will do absolutely anything to please the superior black male. My problem is I spend most of my waking hours in hope of being on my knees worshipping a fabulous black cock.

    White sissy in my 40’s now. Have pretty much always been into porn, but awashed in IR porn ONLY for the last 15 years or so. It’s basically crippled my “life” (relationships, etc.) but what can i say? I’m fucked! Always considered myself straight, but I also can’t hide from the fact that my only sex partners over the last 10 years have been black men. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Im a quite young white boy (28yo) with a big 7.5″ cock… well, i thought it was big, but its nothing compared to black horny bulls !! When i saw IR porn for first time, i was totally fascinated by the size of these black cocks! Since that very moment, i cant stop watching black guys in the streets, thinking about their big bulge, how i could be worshiping and sucking them. There’s nothing superior to black bulls. I cant have enough of them and will do anything for their cocks.
    Its just not fair! I see these sexy white women getting pumped by these huge Black dicks, sucking them with their beautiful mouths, rubbing those cocks up between their perfect tits… but I cant help envying the women, Wishing I was them serving the BlackMan. I swear – I’m not Gay! But given the choice I’d wrap my lips around that Black dick and pump and suck it until he came in my thirsty mouth.

    I became aware of IR sex when I saw an adult movie ad in the back of a tit-magazine. This was probably the late 70’s. The ad had a picture of a nice looking blond on her hands and knees, servicing 2 well-built Black studs with her mouth and pussy. It was a small picture, but it had a strong effect. Shortly after that I saw a hardcore mag called Color Climax, featuring fine looking white ladies gobbling up some hot Black dick. I took that image further and imagined a roomful of white women paired with only Black men. From there it just snowballed. I didn’t understand why I thought this way, or where it came from. All I knew was that it was a major turn-on. Back in the early 80’s I was in the locker room at the gym, getting dressed to leave. This was a gym I only went to whenever I was in that city. Two Black dudes walk in, and one begins to undress. And there it was: a very big Black cock, just a few feet away. I didn’t realize I’d been staring at it, but I was. Both of the guys had stopped talking, and the naked guy just stood there, allowing me to take a good look. He was becoming erect, and to my amazement, so was I. His friend said something like: “I guess he likes what he sees.” That’s when I snapped out of it and left. It was a strange experience. I’d never entertained any gay thoughts, yet the sight of his Black cock obviously had an effect on me. I have always had a very strong oral fixation, and believe me, it was a really nice, big Black cock. It wasn’t long before I began using that incident as a stroke fantasy. Remember, I’d never had a gay fantasy ever. But this was different . Had the guy been white I know it would’ve had zero effect. All these years later I still wonder what it would’ve been like to have that fat Black cock offered to me. I’d probably still be sucking on it. I absolutely do not feel this way regarding white men. Nor am I interested in whether the Black male is good looking. It simply boils down to his cock: big, thick, long, and Black. There’s no desire to make out with him, or to get romantic, or to be feminized . It just comes down to: How do I get that thing in my mouth? (And I hope he’s in no hurry to come.) The internet has shown that I am not alone. There are other whites out there who are under the same spell, and that’s comforting to know.

    Society has burdened most of us with this concrete “image” we all are programmed from the beginning with. We’re white, we’re in control, and we’ve been promised this whole “package” of what to expect as we grow into adolescence and adulthood . We’re cocky. We’re cool. We’re Fonzie, Top Gun and John Wayne, all rolled into one. And then, WHAM!!!! IR porn is shot across our brains and it’s like (as someone else out here said) crack to an addict. At first, it’s a novelty we enjoy. Our little cocks get hard at the sight (at first) of slinky white girls riding big black cocks. And then, without our knowing it, the girls take on less importance. Oh sure, we tell OURSELVES the black cock sluts are WHY we’re drawn to the IR porn, but in time this lie too crumbles around us. It’s the cocks that do it. Slowly but surely, our programming fizzles. Our “hard drive” sexuality gets blurred. Our confidence is shattered and our social life suffers. IR porn and all it encompasses takes a higher place in our lives, and traditional dating no longer interests us. And eventually, we work up the courage and suck that first black cock. Game over!!!! LOL

    Interracial porn sneaks up on you, truly. It starts out as some light, kinky fun. The contrast in colors and size is appealing at first, but the psychological erosion of a whiteboi’s sexuality is concrete and real. It manifests itself over time, and the more IR porn is consumed, the more boundaries are trampled and knocked over. The black cocks take on more meaning and appeal. The focus blurs slowly away from the attractive white sluts riding the black poles, to the black poles themselves. I was functionally impotent with white women at around 32 years of age. IR masturbation and watching live IR action replaced it for me. Sad eh? You enter IR porn as a straight man, confident and sure. You don’t leave it the same way.

    Please leave your comments!

  2. lolniggers
    September 3rd, 2011 at 09:48 | #2

    hey dave.. way to kill everyones boner and be a creep. And what the fuck is with the book length reply?? This isn’t a magazine article.. it’s a comment section about the vid. I dont want to think about you taking a dick up the ass bro. way to take this to a whole weird, creepy different level.

  3. suave
    September 7th, 2011 at 23:07 | #3

    damn, I wonder how much nigger dick dave has gotten buried in his ass!

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