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Asian girlfriend sucks a white man’s cock good and swallows his cum

Hot little homemade video featuring an Asian girl sucking her white boyfriend’s cock while being recorded for the internet. She makes him say “please” but after that he gets his way, including having her swallow his load with a smile. Very cute girl with the right attitude!

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Studying is important and especially Asians usually take that very serious. This cute college girl agreed to suck her white boyfriend’s dick – but with conditions: “You are not rubbing my face in it, cause I gotta study and I don’t wanna go and shower and waste more time…” Being on camera doesn’t disturb her at all and she knows how to please. After 12 minutes this sweety finally takes the cum in her mouth and drinks it like a good slut.

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Hot Asian chick sucks a white guy’s big cock and we get to watch the action from his point of view in this Pornhub video. Too bad it is cut short when she asks to confirm that “you are not making a sextape, are you?” Don’t be shy girl, you look great on video with a dick in you mouth!

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